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Race Conversations

Following the nationwide protests and attention on the longstanding racial injustice in this country that was ignited by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis by the police, we began holding these Race Conversations to discuss current events and work towards truly becoming Brothers and Sisters

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How Not To Talk About Racism

An article by Dr. Fritz Francois, Chief Medical Officer at NYU, and the first guest on the St. James AME panel discussion on June 23, 2020 Race Conversations-Community Education.

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IMPLICIT BIAS: Awareness, Practices, and Implications

How can someone's race, sex, age, and other characteristics influence the way we see and treat them even when we are genuinely trying to be unbiased? What concrete steps can we take to help prevent this from happening?

To help answer these questions, this workshop introduces the concept of implicit bias. Through a mix of short presentations, lively activities, and discussions, we will explore some harmful side effects of how our brains naturally perceive, categorize, and draw inferences about the world, including other people.

We will also examine when this kind of bias is most likely to occur. And we will talk about what practical steps we can all take to try to reduce or eliminate it as well as what has been shown not to work.

Join Us Thursday September 10, 2020 10 am-3pm for this Implicit Bias Training

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